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In the News 04.01.19

In the News 04.01.19

Over the Christmas break we saw that Twitter users have been tackling online period shaming after a man tweeted that women should ‘keep their periods to themselves’, writing ‘It’s so disgusting the way some girls complain about period pain on social media. Yes, we know that you guys go through a lot during periods but is it too difficult to keep it to yourselves or what?’ Since the post was published on Christmas Day, the Twitter user has received over 2000 replies, ranging from amusing posts about periods to educational posts on the realities of period pain – read more in the Metro and The Daily Record.

Cosmopolitan did an article about ‘normal’ periods. How long should a period last? includes information from period tracking app Clue and states that although the length of periods vary, “a normal period length for someone who’s not using hormonal birth control or an IUD is 8 days or less.” The article closes by stating that women should speak to their doctor if they are concerned about their periods. But you already knew that as a Wear White Again Blog reader!

and finally for 2018, according to charity Target Ovarian Cancer, one in five women in England who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer are too ill to receive any treatment for the disease due to late diagnosis. Michelle Bell who is a case study in the article states that heavy periods were one of the symptoms she had before being diagnosed with ovarian cancer (The Sun)


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