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Talking About Periods

Did you know that nearly a third of adults (31%) in the UK find talking about periods uncomfortable and the taboo around periods seems to be leading to a lack of understanding about them too. Incredibly one in five women – and over a third of men – don’t know where period blood comes from? Being able to talk about periods is really important, particularly if you or someone you know has heavy periods.

To help people have those difficult conversations, the Wear White Again team has created the Talking Heavy Periods guide. In this we explore some of the words and phrases we feel most comfortable using to describe periods and the most unpopular ones. We also look at the questions we should be asking about periods, so that we can all be aware of what’s “normal” and when in fact someone might need to seek help.

If you do think you have heavy periods, we’ve also outlined the type of information that will help you talk to your GP or Nurse.

We hope that after you have read this guide you will feel more confident speaking to your GP, your family and your friends about periods and heavy periods. If you are thinking of going to see your GP, take a look at the Your GP Visit page for more helpful tips and tools.


Talking about periods - two women talking secretively