Be Bloody Confident

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Excessive blood loss, prolonged and more frequent periods, anaemia, pain and fatigue; if these all-encompassing symptoms sound familiar, you may be suffering with Menorrhagia (Heavy Menstrual Bleeding).

Take back control of your menstrual health with our downloadable and printable toolkit - from the helpful questionnaire to the eye-opening period diary and treatment table, let these powerful tools do the talking during your next GP visit.

It's time for a bloody good talk!

3.5 million women in the UK suffer from Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

62% of women do not realise that heavy periods are a medical condition

Up to 100% success rate for surgical treatment options

1-2 days potential recovery time from surgical treatment

Your GP visit

Many women hesitate to see their GPs about their periods, but if your periods are dictating your life, it's time to make an appointment. Heavy periods (menorrhagia) are a recognised medical condition for which there are treatments available.

What can you expect from your appointment?

"I was at my wits end. I experienced terrible back and abdominal pain that no pain killers could alleviate. I experienced heavy menstrual bleeding practically non-stop for a whole month and was feeling drained, miserable and snappy, so I finally went to see my GP”

Maria, 51 Read the full story

“My periods no longer affect my social life. I am happy about that. I have started running and swimming again. I can now wear many more types of clothes. More importantly: I have self-confidence again. I would advise all women with menstrual problems to do something about it.”

Monique, 44 Read the full story


*Survey of 1,000 women who have or had experienced heavy bleeding in the UK during July 2017. Funded by Hologic Inc.