Monique (44)

Is able to run and swim again after treatment

I had been unhappy about my periods for years. I would always experience heavy bleeding for a week and on top of that, my cycle was 21 days long and lot shorter than most women.

“Heavy periods affect your whole life. At work, I used tampons as well as sanitary pads, which I changed very frequently. And even then, I was afraid of leaking through. My cycle was short: I had a period every three weeks. So I regularly had my period on holidays too. My only stroke of luck was that I had a regular cycle. Many women do not know exactly when they will have their period.”

“Eventually, I decided to do something about it. Initially, I opted for a coil, which can reduce bleeding. But it did not work for me. I suffered severe cramps and bled for seven months. I then wanted to tackle the problem more rigorously. I no longer wished to become pregnant, so I wanted to have my uterus removed. I never got that far. I spoke to a gynaecologist at the hospital where I work who told me about endometrial ablation. I knew about the procedure because of my job, but strangely enough I never considered having it myself.”

“I had the procedure under anaesthetic. I had an epidural and I had no pain afterwards. The procedure was over in a flash. The cervix is stretched open and the device is inserted. It was all over in two minutes. I bled for a week-and- a half and again, for just one day after that But it was far less than my period. And I have never bled again since that day!”

I have self-confidence again

“My periods no longer affect my social life. I am happy about that. I have started running and swimming again. I can now wear many more types of clothes. More importantly: I have self-confidence again. In the past, I was always worried that someone would notice something. I feel more relaxed now. I would advise all women with menstrual problems to do something about it.”

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