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In the News 04.02.19

In the News 04.02.19

An article published by Forbes revealed that the world’s first reusable tampon applicator has been invented. The product, D by DAME aims to reduce the amount of waste produced by sanitary products (an estimated 100 billion products around the world each year). The idea was bought to life after research conducted by the company revealed that women felt that changing to reusable products would have a significant impact on them, so the company created a sustainable solution that was easy for women to adopt – particularly for the 60% of UK women who prefer applicator tampons.

During a visit to the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle expressed her concerns about how periods can affect girls’ education around the world. According to the article published by the Mirror, the Duchess spoke about how women in developing countries are stigmatised when they are menstruating. She previously spoke to Time Magazine about this stigma during last year’s International Women’s Day.

And finally Bustle asked the question ‘Is my period pain normal?’ as they delved into the world of cramps and offer up the opportunity to understand the signs that your period pain is abnormal.

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