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In The News 06.05.19

In The News 06.05.19

The men’s guide to menstruation

  • YouGov research has revealed that over a third of men are unable to explain what happens during a women’s monthly cycle
  • Yahoo UK spoke to Harley Street Clinic’s Fertility Clinic Director, Dr Geetha Venkat, to answer the most pressing queries about the world of menstruation
  • You can read the full Yahoo article; Menstruation guide for men.

The taboo around menstruation and menopause doesn’t only hurt women

  • An opinion piece on The Guardian by Karen Pickering (co-author of About Bloody Time: the Menstrual Revolution We Have to Have) about “the menstrual taboo”
  • In surveying nearly 3500 women and girls about their experience of menstruation and menopause, as research for the book, it was found that negative attitudes dominated the results
  • The survey also showed how girls found school a scary and sometimes traumatic place to be menstruating, and women reported similar about workplaces
  • You can read the full Guardian article; The taboo around menstruation doesn’t only hurt women

The Apple Watch can now track your periods and tell you when you’re fertile

  • Apple’s new Cycle Tracking feature will allow users to record their menstrual cycles and receive notifications when they are fertile
  • According to Apple, it provides a “simple discreet way to visualise your cycle,” helping users understand “what’s normal for you”
  • You can read the full Mirror article; Apple watch now tracks your cycle
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