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In the News 08.10.19
08 October 2019 - 12:02

In the News 08.10.19

Endometriosis: The condition that can take over seven years to diagnose

This BBC video features three case studies talking about their experiences. The online education pack by Endometriosis UK and the RCGP is mentioned; []


Thousands of women in Manchester could be suffering from endometriosis – the facts about the condition


The ‘hidden condition’ that could leave thousands of women infertile – Liverpool Echo

  • Nearly 14,000 women in Liverpool could be suffering from a ‘hidden condition’ that causes painful, heavy periods and can lead to infertility
  • The article features a quote from Endometriosis UK: “As it’s a hidden condition, it can be hard for those with the disease to get others to understand or believe the level of pain they are suffering from. “There needs to be more education and awareness raising so people recognise the symptoms of the disease and can seek help, and more research into endometriosis to develop effective diagnosis and treatments.”


What is endometriosis?

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