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In the News 11.01.19
12 January 2019 - 17:25

In the News 11.01.19

Members of Endometriosis UK have scheduled a meeting with education minister Nick Gibb to present their research showing that 14% of girls having their periods didn’t know what was happening to them. They will call for “a series of simple-to-implement, age-appropriate interventions”, including a session at primary school, and sessions at key stages in secondary school designed to complement and build on what is already taught in science classes. TES

and Amika George, founder of the #FreePeriods campaign has launched a new legal campaign, in partnership with the Red Box Project and the Pink Protest to fight against period poverty. The campaign aims to raise money for all schools and colleges in England to be given funds to provide free menstrual products for all students who need them. (The Guardian, I News, ITV News, The Metro, The Telegraph,Time and Bustle)

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