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In the News 12.11.18
08 November 2018 - 12:31

In the News 12.11.18

Every week we scour the internet for stories and information to help break down the taboo of menstruation and build on  the discussion of the pain caused by endometriosis.

  • Our own Wear White Again campaign appeared in this weeks The Mirror newspaper looking at just how common heavy menstruation really is and what you can do about it! (main photo courtesy of The Mirror article)


  • HuffPost have published a piece by Rachel Moss discussing Natalie Byrne’s book, Period. The book is claimed to be “the most inclusive period book ever published” and includes everything from product information and tips to funny illustrations.


  • The Mirror and The Metro have published an article highlighting the taboo of menstruation. The article discusses a Tumblr post by a 20 year old woman in the US who claims her boss was ‘completely clueless’ when it came to periods.



  • Design Week published an opinion piece by Mike Foster, Creative Director at studio Straight Forward Design who discusses how design can help us talk about taboo topics “from periods to depression”. Mike states that we are undergoing a cultural shift where no-go subjects are becoming more openly discussed thanks to campaigns like Bodyform’s “Blood Normal”.


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