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In the News 26.11.18

In the News 26.11.18

Every week we scour the internet for stories and information to help break down the taboo of menstruation and build on  the discussion of the pain caused by endometriosis.

  • BBC News have developed a video talking to the students of Thurston Community College in Suffolk about their views on breaking the taboo around periods. Students revealed that they think the taboo in schools stem from boys thinking periods are ‘disgusting’.


  • Catching up on extra sleep on the weekends may aggravate period pain ‘by disrupting normal reproductive cycles’, reports The Daily Mail


  • Liverpool FC joined the fight to end period poverty by offering free sanitary products to their female fans for the ‘On The Ball’ campaign, a campaign founded by 3 Celtic supporters designed to tackle period poverty. A statement was released by Daniel Gallo, HR director at Liverpool FC saying that at every home game, all ladies and accessible toilets throughout the stadium will contain either ‘free-vend’ machines or baskets of sanitary products for female fans to take what they need. Within his statement, Daniel addresses the importance of fighting period poverty saying ‘“Period poverty is a very real issue and one that no-one should have to face, so we want to do our bit to help any supporters who may be struggling to access these essential products. Menstruation is also still quite a taboo subject, so we hope that talking about it and raising awareness of these issues will help to end period poverty for good.” Brighton, Huddersfield, Fulham and Everton are all also part of the campaign. Coverage appeared in BBC News, and The Echo.
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