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In The News 4.04.19

In The News 4.04.19


  • A new blood test that could diagnose endometriosis is being developed by scientists who claim it will be able to detect up to 90% of cases. According to a study which analysed blood samples of 182 women preparing to undergo a laparoscopy, clinical trials proved successful in identifying biomarkers for endometriosis. The next step will be to launch a blood testing kit for women who think they may be suffers. The test will be available to buy within nine to 10 months and will cost an estimated £250. The study was published in the Biomarkers in Medicine journal and coverage appeared in The Independent.

  • On Wednesday, former Countryfile host Julia Bradbury spoke openly about her experience with endometriosis during her appearance on UK show Lorraine. During her segment, Julia admitted it took her a ‘long time to get diagnosed’ as she didn’t suffer from any debilitating symptoms and stated that she thought her symptoms were simply due to heavy periods. Ever since she was diagnosed with endometriosis, Julia has made it her mission to talk openly about it, to raise awareness and change how it’s viewed in society, believing there to be a lot of negativity around the periods and highlighting the need for people to be properly educated.


  • Endometriosis UK has launched a calendar featuring 12 women who’ve all battled from endometriosis to raise awareness of the condition. The calendar has a 1950’s theme, inspired by Marilyn Monroe who was also a sufferer. According to theDaily Mail, the calendar as already raised £4,000 for the charity.
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