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In The News 4.12.18

In The News 4.12.18

Women’s health education

  • People find anything about the vagina hard to talk about, according to an article by BBC News. The article reveals that the stigma around menopause and menstruation has previously resulted in women being underserved when it comes to new products in the femtech industry, however the recent openness about these subjects have caused the industry to grow, resulting in products such as period tracking apps and wearable tech products.
  • Previous Cannes winners Libresse (the company behind the #BloodNormal campaign) are continuing to push the boundaries of women’s health revealing their recent work consisting of a humorous 3 minute video to celebrate the vulva. The new campaign aims to dispel some of the myths and insecurities women have about their genitals.

Period poverty

  • BBC News reports that a school in Portsmouth (Castle View Academy) has set up a scheme, named the Red Box project, to give girls at the school free menstrual products to help improve their attendance. Since the scheme was introduced, attendance at the school has been boosted.
  • To help tackle period poverty, a campaign by Project Period has branded a black cab in London with a pink makeover, decorated with tampons, mooncups and sanitary towels. Until the 19th December, the cab will be operating as normal around London to raise awareness of period poverty in the UK and will be giving 5,000 sanitary products to women at homeless shelters across the capital. The campaign has have a strong social presence with many using the hashtag #TamponTaxi. Coverage on this story appeared in HuffPost.
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