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Know your Uterus!
12 March 2019 - 09:25

Know your Uterus!

Did you know that it also grows up to 3x its original size during menstruation. However, during pregnancy this organ increases to the size of a watermelon that sits just underneath your ribs. It expands to more than 500 times its original size.

It is the only organ that can create a whole other organ. The placenta is grown within the uterus when you are pregnant to nourish and feeds your baby, and connects your baby to you through the umbilical cord, which is attached to the uterine wall.

During labor, the muscular walls of the corpus contract to help push the baby through the cervix and vagina.

The corpus is the main body of the uterus. It’s very muscular and can stretch to accommodate a developing fetus.

The corpus is lined by a mucus membrane called the endometrium. This membrane responds to reproductive hormones by changing its thickness during each menstrual cycle. If an egg is fertilized, it attaches to the endometrium. If no fertilization occurs, the endometrium sheds its outer layer of cells, which are released during menstruation.

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