Heavy Periods
The Language of Periods
04 October 2018 - 10:14

The Language of Periods

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Our new research shows that while people in the UK use over 250 different terms to refer to periods, as a nation we still aren’t comfortable talking about them and lack basic knowledge. In fact, nearly a third of adults (31%) finds the subject uncomfortable and incredibly one in five women – and over a third of men – don’t know where period blood comes from.

Working together with Dr. Dawn Harper, we’ve created the Talking Heavy Periods guide to explores some of the words and phrases we feel most comfortable using to describe periods and look at the questions we should be asking ourselves and our loved ones about periods,

To help break the taboo around periods, particularly heavy periods, this guide aims to help facilitate conversations with friends, family, partners and GPs so that we can all be aware of what’s “normal” and when in fact someone might need to seek help. By understanding what’s “normal” and what’s not we will help break down the social stigma surrounding heavy periods, which will in turn empower women to seek treatment.

This guide is great for both women and men looking to communicate the subject matter, so download it now we hope you’ll find a good dose of humour within what is a serious and important topic. You can view the guide here.


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