Anna (27)

Had a fibroid

“My periods had always been normal. Until about three years ago. I thought it would pass, but it only became worse. I eventually saw a gynaecologist.”

“The gynaecologist performed an ultrasound of my uterus. It showed that I had a fibroid and a large one at that. Strange, because there is no history of fibroids in my family. I did not even know what a fibroid was. I had to wait a while for the operation I needed. Meanwhile, I always carried clean underwear, maxi tampons and large sanitary pads on me. But I still had to change my tampons or pads every hour. And even then I was sometimes too late. I had just started a new job and my worst nightmare came true: I once had a huge leak. The blood ran down my legs and covered everything. My clothes, my chair. I was so embarrassed.”

“I was incredibly nervous before the operation, so I wanted a general anaesthetic. When I came round, the doctor told me the fibroid was so big they had been unable to remove it during a single operation. I had to go under the knife for a second and even a third time. I opted for an epidural on those occasions. I had a great deal of pain afterwards, I had a fever and was nauseous and dizzy, but apparently that is normal. Since the last operation, I no longer suffer from heavy bleeding. I am monitored every few months, and they check that there are no new fibroids. I no longer have periods at all and I now have a coil that releases hormones.”

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