Vera (32)

Her periods changed completely after childbirth

“I did not know what had hit me when I had my first period after childbirth. My periods were suddenly very heavy, there was blood everywhere. It felt as though I was having contractions, even though that was naturally impossible.”

“I am not working at the moment, so I can sit my period out largely at home. I lie on the sofa with severe stomach cramps, preferably with the door locked and the curtains drawn. I would sleep all day if I could, but that is not possible with a two-year old daughter. Besides, I have to go to the toilet every hour. If I leave it any longer, I leak. My stomach pain in particular is very debilitating. It is overwhelming, which hampers my ability to concentrate.”

“I always carry a supply of tampons and sanitary pads around with me, and virtually have a heart attack if I think I have forgotten them. If I arrange to meet someone, I can only go to places that have toilets. Or I have to leave within an hour. When friends go to the beach, I tell them to enjoy it and I stay at home. I am embarrassed about my periods, even though I know there is no need. Nevertheless, this is not something you discuss with your friends.”

“The GP advised me to take the pill, but I did not want to take anything that would affect my hormone levels. It took me eight years to get pregnant and I am not sure whether I want another child. However, I am open to hormone-free treatments. In fact, I hope this problem goes away as quickly as it started.”

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