Treating heavy periods

Heavy period questionnaire

When is your period normal and when is it heavy? This questionnaire will help your GP gauge the extent to which you have a medical problem. Fill it in and print it out and take it with you to your appointment.

Complete the questionnaire below

Print it out and take it along to your doctor’s appointment.

How regular are your periods?
Do you have any irregular bleeding between cycles?
When was you last period and how long did it last?
How many days during your period did you have heavy bleeding?
How often do you change a pad or tampon on heavy days? Do you need to use double protection?
Do you need to change your tampon or sanitary towel within two hours?
What are your pain levels? Even one day of bad pain each month is worth mentioning
Does your menstrual blood contain clots larger than a 10p piece?
Do heavy periods affect your social life, exercise routines or sex life?
Have you ever had to take sick leave from work because of heavy period?
Do you avoid travelling, or even stay home, because of your heavy periods?
What is your mood during your menstrual cycle?
Do you worry about leaking during menstruation?
Do you often take extra clothing along because of your heavy periods?
Do you have family members with blood disorders?
Have your periods changed over recent months? If so how?
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Treating heavy periods
Treating heavy periods

There are a range of potential solutions for your heavy periods. Your GP will be able to discuss these with you.

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