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1 in 5 women suffer with heavy periods


1 In 5 women experience heavy periods


1 In 3 women suffering heavy periods have not spoken to their doctor


Over 60% have had to miss social or athletic events


33% Say they have been forced to miss work

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It's time for a bloody good talk!

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    • Claire (58) Was suffering from multiple fibroids
      "My periods gradually got worse over the years as I got older. I just felt so tired all the time. When you feel tired, you don’t feel that you’re in the right state of mind!"
    • Donna (47) Had anaemia due to heavy periods
      “On some occasions I would literally be in and out of the toilet for hours on end. I am normally such a confident, sociable person that I found being in this situation totally alien to me and highly embarrassing.”
    • Maria (51) Periods changed following childbirth
      "I was at my wits end. I experienced terrible back and abdominal pain that no pain killers could alleviate. I experienced very heavy periods practically non-stop for a whole month and was feeling drained, miserable and snappy, so I finally went to see my GP.”
    • Anna (27) Had a fibroid
      "My periods had always been normal. Until about three years ago. I thought it would pass, but it only became worse. I eventually saw a gynaecologist.”
    • Vera (32) Her periods changed completely after childbirth
      “I did not know what had hit me when I had my first period after childbirth. I suddenly had very heavy periods, there was blood everywhere. It felt as though I was having contractions, even though that was naturally impossible.”